How Investment can save Cross River from Dying by Inok Solomon

One of Governor Ben Ayade’s political appointees named Inok Solomon has come up with a piece that shows how investment can save Cross River from future trauma..

Read below:
 “Investment Fears Sold Bakassi Away, gave away our 76 oil wells and still selling us to doubt, disbelieve and empty political materialism.”
The revolutionary force today has two targets, investment morality as well as political materialism. History has it that the white man came in with Hot drinks, Gun powder and Guns to make kings of kingdoms agreeable to their free stay stronger. Why? Because they know that the desire of man to strive harder to dominate his fellow man is stronger once man lay hold of a more sophisticated equipment than his fellow man.
History also holds that Cross River State, indeed Calabar, hosted the white man first before any other part of Nigeria. If History will not contradict itself here, why then is the power of kingship, dominance of other kingdoms not in Cross River, being that we first had the opportunity to host and lay hands on all the sophistication the white man came with? The history of Calabar sea port is dated back to 15 century, and as the only link to the Northern Nigeria.
I am here forced to ask with due respect; out of the numerous Ayade’s appointees, how many are radical investors? How many see his investment ideas and dreams as best weapons for the state emancipation? How many know that building on the boundary gives you a confidence to win a war? How many see the deep sea port and superhighway as the best modern day weapon to conquer and undo the political magic hands against Cross River state?
How many had the heart to give all just to be where they are? How many know that success today depend on them knowing where they as individual want to be tomorrow? How many are going into true investment and can own real investment power after the administration? How many see themselves and are seen by others as failures?
I am, but failure is a lesson to know what will not work. I have gain knowledge and experience in my journey to failure and mistakes to me are opium to success. So I know success haven dined with failure.
I may sound too harsh, arrogant and even disrespectful here, but the truth is we failed because we had only one commodity “SERVICE FOR PAYMENT” no investment powers, no bargains. We are paid to carry the Guns and even fight if need be but never to win for our own conquer but our slave masters. The Yorubas, Benins, and the Igbos kingdoms had more force and claim to their heritage and stood strong to fight and resist the white man. These resistance created a value for them and bargains turned into investment deals.
We are too attracted to Political materialism, not understanding that others admires and long to take away what we have and are blessed with by nature. The Capital of Nigeria was moved without any solid reasons till date, Bakassi was given away, our oil wells taken. All of these, because we had no investment spirit.
The Bakassi Oil never had any Company around, the 76 oil wells never had any company in Cross River State, in fact, we were only listed among without any physical presence.
Where then is the resistance? If America, Britain or any other big country has invested heavily around the Bakassi Oil, France influence would had been inconsequential to ICJ.
Obasanjo, a Yoruba man, having no investment around the area, and been that it is not anywhere close to benefiting the Yorubas, took it as a political materialistic opportunity to uplift himself in the world’s political playground.
You can only be relevant when you make yourself so relevant.
The Deep Sea Port is a mirage today, because no generation of today is aware of its benefits. Our schools don’t teach us this. Our people are so carried away by the existing events to think of new ones.
What relevance is Cross River to the North? What Relevance is Cross River to the East? What Relevance is Cross River to the West and what Relevance is Cross River to the South-South?
If you can’t be a customer, be a competitor, if you cannot increase demand, make a way to reduce demand that will make you relevant. How did Social Media take away politics from the Old and leave it in the hands of the young newbies? It created a platform that Old looked at as childish and of no consequence, today, the Old are more into it but it has done them more damage than good.

Until we start real investment and support wild investment dreams, we will remain “Slaves” and the entire state will be physically sold out one day for political materialism.