‘I love older women, grown and s$xy” – Actor Gideon Okeke Professes

Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke revealed that he prefers older women because of their grown and sexy state of mind.

According to Okeke, 90% of the time if he’s asked for his preference of women, he’d choose to have an older woman.
The actor did also state he did not mean ‘your mother’s type of older’, adding a short shout-out to Halle Berry after.
‘Ask me again my preference in a woman. If I’m straight with you, 90% of the time I’ll tell u….OLDER,’ Okeke said.

‘NOT [your] mother’s type of Older [though]. I love Grown and Sexy. It’s a state of mind attitude But the Young shall Grow Nig. Ltd. Sup Halle’