Justin Bieber’s 'bad behavior' stops him from performing in China

Justin Bieber, a popular Canadian pop star may have been banned from performing in China for engaging in 'bad behaviour'.

Beijing’s Municipal Bureau of Culture in reply to a fan who had enquired from the website why schedule dates had not been announced in mainland China wrote in a statement “Bieber’s lifestyle overseas and his words and actions when he last performed in China had generated public dissatisfaction."
"Justin Bieber is a gifted singer, but he is also a controversial young foreign singer."
“Given efforts to purify the performing arts environment in China, it was not appropriate to bring in artists with bad behavior. We hope Justin Bieber will continue to improve his behavior as part of his growth, and become a singer truly loved by the public.”
"We hope that as Justin Bieber matures, he can continue to improve his own words and actions, and truly become a singer beloved by the public," the statement read.
In 2013 when Bieber visited Beijing, the singer was caught on camera stripping on stage and showing off his upper body, as he was carried up the steps of the Great Wall of China, riding a segway, shirtless, through the streets.
In 2014 also, Bieber caused upset on social media after he posted a photo of himself visiting the controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.
The shrine honours fallen warriors and pays tribute to convicted war criminals but in China and South Korea, the shrine is seen as a symbol of Japan not being sorry for its empire's past. This left him in the bad books of the Chinese government.
The star singer has in recent times been in the news for rather controversial reasons, ridding him of his good boy innocent image he had when he came onto the scene as a teenager.
Bieber is currently on his third world tour, with Asian dates in Japan, India, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.
Bieber’s official website however does not show any scheduled tour dates in mainland China with there appearing to be some confusion about a possible stop in Shanghai.
The Canadian pop star is due to perform in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore in September and October, according to his website but no Chinese dates have been announced.

Several other big name musicians have been blocked from performing in China, including Lady Gaga, Bjork and Bon Jovi for similar reasons.