Nigeria Customs e-Auction website/portal: Here’s How to Use It Well

The Nigerian Customs service finally decided to go digital and hey launched a portal with the address were you start bidding for goods.

Bidding started Monday July 3, 2017.

Here are a few things you should know about the Nigeria’s Custom e-Auction website:

1. You must have a valid TIN number from the FIRS to fully participate in the auction process.
2. An e-wallet will be created automatically for the user, when you register.
3. The user is to select any customs designated bank of his/her choice listed on the website and make payments into his/her wallet.
4. The administrative fee of N1,000 per bid will be deducted from the e-wallet.
5. A user is allowed a maximum of TWO bids per bidding window.
6. Monies deposited into the e-wallet cannot be withdrawn afterwards. And if a bid is won, the money in the e-wallet cannot be used for payment. So deposit what may be enough per time for bids to be placed.
7. If your bid is won, you have a maximum of 5 working days to pay up at any designated bank and a maximum of 2 weeks to move the item from the auction site. If you fail to do so, the item will be given to the next highest bidder in that bidding window.
8. Take your time to peruse the items thoroughly before placing a bid.

Hope Nigerians are able to use the portal well, what do you think about the portal?