Porsche Cayenne may come without no disguise [see why here]


A source has revealed that Porsche is testing the new Cayenne with almost no camouflage or other disguises. And in true Porsche tradition, you may have to squint to tell the differences, but they are certainly there. Starting at the front, the center grille has been brought in line with the outboard grilles, and the base is now a bit wider than the top for a more aggressive look. The headlights, while hidden by a translucent cover, have also been changed. The shape is similar, but underneath the covers, we can make out Porsche's signature cluster of four bright LED lights that replace the current model's design.
In profile, we can make out another subtle change to the look of the Cayenne. The roofline starts sloping back sooner than on the current model. The D-pillar is also raked forward more than the current model. These changes give it a lower, sportier look akin to the Cayenne's little sibling, the Macan.
The back end of the Cayenne may bare the most substantial changes. The rear window appears to be smaller than on the current version, both due to the lower roof line, and because the base of the window is a little higher than it used to be. Porsche also tried to hide the taillights of this Cayenne with more translucent covers, but we can see that it has the full-width lights that have been featured on the Macan and 911. The rear valence has changed, too. The tailpipes are no longer fully enclosed by the bumper. Instead, the lower portion is exposed.

The subtle changes belie the fact that this Cayenne will feature a version of the MLB platform found under the Bentayga and Q7. The new platform will likely result in a lighter Cayenne, and Porsche intends to have a version that is faster than the Bentayga. Considering how much of the car is visible here, expect to see the car fully revealed by the end of the year, or very early next year.
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