Ryan Reynolds Helps a Teenager Get Revenge on Her Ex-Boyfriend [SEE THE DRAMA]

Ryan Reynolds and Wade Wilson are one and the same.
Just like the character he plays in Deadpool, Reynolds can be a bit of a smartass. And just like Wade did in the 2016 movie, the actor was down to help a teen girl get over a bad breakup. On Tuesday afternoon, 18-year-old Gabi Dunn decided to seek revenge on her ex-boyfriend by superimposing images of Reynolds in her prom photos, replacing the classmate she once loved.

"My boyfriend and I broke up a few days after prom, so I decided to 'edit' the photos a little @VancityReynolds," she tweeted. The two photos caught Reynolds' attention, who replied Wednesday: "We should photoshop me over his yearbook picture next. #DontMessWithGabi."
Gabi Dunn @gabidunn99
“My boyfriend and I broke up a few days after prom, so I decided to "edit" the photos a little @VancityReynolds”
Dunn seems to be doing just fine, by the way. As the teen told her Twitter followers Monday afternoon, "I have found happiness in myself because I don't feel the need to find it in a man."
A friend pretending to be Dunn's ex, Jeff Bright, later tweeted the unedited photo. "jokes on you now im not going to see deadpool 2," he tweeted. "my 11$ is going to @KevinHart4real." Never one to take things too seriously, the 40-year-old movie star liked @JeffBright20's tweet.

Reynolds, meanwhile, has been busy since June 17 when he began filming Deadpool 2. The sequel—set for release on June 1, 2018—stars Morena Baccarin, Zazie Beetz, Josh Brolin, Julian Dennison, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapičić, Jack Kesy, T.J. Miller and Leslie Uggams.
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