Sina Rambo talks about his father’s dance moves

Sina Rambo has stepped in to defend his father's dance moves, Senator Ademola Adeleke who became a viral sensation after a video of his victory dance surfaced on the internet.

Rambo said in an Interview with Punch that "When the spirit of the Lord comes upon my heart, I will dance like David danced. Ashamed? I cannot be embarrassed with the way my father danced. Look, my father will not change for anything! He’s been dancing since the 80s or why do you think they call him Jackson?
Trust me at every family party, we dig it out but he ends up winning because he just never stops. Jackson! Baddest.
But don’t be misled; he is a man of extreme wisdom who knows how to conduct himself at all times. There is time to celebrate and there is time to work. I’m sure he will definitely do a great job serving his country to the best of his ability."
He also shared a picture of his father on his Instagram page. The picture was simply captioned with a smiley.
His father, Adeleke, defeated his APC opponent to win the Osun West bye-election.
Unfortunately, he got into the position after his elder brother Isiaka Adeleke, died of mysterious circumstances earlier in the year.
Rambo honoured his late uncle with a picture on Instagram.
His caption read: "I love you uncle Tunji!!! Your selflessness changed our state OSUN forever!!      Thanx for everything and all your sacrifices!!! Your legacy will live on forever! #sherubawon"

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