When Condom breaks during S$x, here’s what you should do

Yes, we all should use protection during s$x. If it’s not about preventing pregnancy, then it’s definitely about preventing sexu@lly transmitted diseases.
However, stuff happens and condoms can snap or even break loose while you’re very much at it!

What can you do on such occasion? Read on!

• Stop the s$x immediately.
Well, this is a panicky situation! If you’ve noticed something, or even just want to check, stop what you are doing and check the condom.
It is not okay to carry on, and turn around later saying, ‘Oh, well, I did notice something but I was too busy enjoying it’.

If you can’t immediately spot the condom, go to the bathroom before you do anything else. Try to pee, and push as you do so. This will help to remove any extra sperm, and the ‘bearing down’ action will help to dislodge the condom if it didn’t come out earlier.
If there has been no ejaculation, there is still a chance of pregnancy so you should also have a quick wash. You need to do all this before you start digging around in there on the off-chance you scrape yourself with a nail, which could lead to a more serious infection.
• Find it.
Usually, the condom will still be around the p#nis but sometimes it’s nowhere to be found. It may still be inside the v@gina. Having a condom come off in the v@ginal canal or the anus is a lot more common than you may think, so here is where you don’t have to panic. In fact, panicking would be very bad because you really do need to relax.
First of all, the moment’s gone. Don’t try to reclaim the sexy atmosphere because you currently have some plastic in your v@gina and you need to focus on getting it out.
Lie back, relax, and see if your partner will help take it out. He’ll be able to get a better angle, and you won’t be so tense.
Basically, push as if you’re going for a big poo, but focusing more on your v@gina. You can try this yourself, but don’t panic if it doesn’t come out immediately.
Sometimes, the condom may come down over a few hours, so don’t go clawing away at your v@gina. Go watch telly, have a cup of tea, give it a couple of hours and try again in a squatting position. If it still hasn’t come out after a few tries, see your doctor.
• Aftercare. Ladies, you can still get pregnant even if he didn’t ejaculate, so, emergency contraception might be your next bet.
A man’s pre-cum fluid contains millions of sperm, and it only takes one to reach the goal. Even if we take babies out of the equation, each of you will still be at risk from STIs and it takes three months before some infections will show up on tests.
This shouldn’t kill your sex life, though. Just learn from it – invest in different condoms and avoid using those types again.

Think about using more lubricant. Was the sex comfortable in the first place? Maybe it was too frantic, too rushed, too dry. And never, ever be afraid to say, ‘Stop. I just want to check’.