Billionaire kidnapper Update: Police arrest Evans’ wealthy business colleagues

Police investigation has led to the arrest of more associates of Billionaire Kidnapper  Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans.

Spokesman of the Force, Moshood Jimoh, stated that those apprehended were found to be probably wealthier and living bigger than him.
Evans is spending his second month in police custody and is expected to be formally charged within the next one month.
“You may recall that a Federal High Court granted us a three-month remand warrant for Evans. We are just into the second month now and before the expiration of the third month, it is expected that we should be taking him to court.
“The little time is to ensure that we conduct a thorough and detailed investigation.
“This is somebody that committed crimes across several states and even went outside Nigeria.
“You may recall that he illegally acquired a Ghanaian passport with a Ghanaian name but with his passport photograph.
“He was also fingered for involvement in other crimes in South Africa and other places. So we need a little time to properly round things up and ensure that he is properly prosecuted because Nigerians will not be happy if we lose such a case in court on the basis of technical matters,” Jimoh said.
He also revealed that relations of former victims of Evans’ were among those being detained by the police.

“He (Evans) did things with lots of such people and we have lots of suspects who had collaborated with him in one way or the other; we even have other prime suspects apart from those that were arrested with him and paraded.