Charly Boy Finally ends anti-Buhari protest

Nigerian Entertainer and Activist, Charly Boy has cancelled his protests against ailing President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, August 16, 2017.
The termination of the protest was announced by Charly Boy, at Unity Fountain where the group has been staging the protest.
While speaking, the 'Our Mumu Don Do' leader said the group's agitation is important to encourage the youths of the country to participate more in its politics.
While disclosing that the members of the group had gotten death threats for their action, he remained defiant that the group will continue to agitate for better governance in the country.
He said, "The country is a country of intolerance. I've been to that Wuse Market severally to do my advocacy work, it's not the first time. But what happened yesterday showed the ugliness of our country. I urge everybody to please remain peaceful and calm."
This comes after the group was attacked on Tuesday, August 15, while protesting at the popular Wuse Market in Abuja.
Protesters were stoned and Charly Boy was almost lynched by hoodlums before security operatives restored order.
He said the group's agitation will not end with the termination of the protests, as the group is still very interested in what happens to the future of the country.
The group started staging the protests at the Unity Fountain on Monday August 7, demanding that the president should either return to the country he left over three months ago, or resign from his position.
On Tuesday, August 8, the group was attacked by the police at Unity Fountain with tear gas cannisters and water cannons, in a move that was roundly criticised by the Nigerian public.
On Thursday, August 10, pro-Buhari groups, like the Coalition for Good Governance and Change Initiative, marched the streets of Abuja in support of the president who has been out of the country for 101 days.

On Friday, August 11, both groups met at Unity Fountain, and trouble almost broke out before it was promptly contained by the police.