JoJo Fletcher Has Revealed Her Bachelorette Beauty Regrets [A MUST READ]

JoJo Fletcher has heavily relied on her beauty skills since she stepped in front of the camera as a contestant on season 20 of The Bachelor. The show doesn't supply hair or makeup services to the love hopefuls, so they are quite literally left to their devices. Luckily, the bathroom of the mansion seems like the epicenter of beauty knowledge, with ladies sharing tips and helping each other get camera-ready.
In the same fashion, JoJo has a few mansion secrets to share with future contestants: "I would say to get some sort of HD foundation because it's obviously going to look better on camera," she suggested. "I don't know how to put on [eyelash] strips on myself. But the girls who did do them in the house looked great, so I would just say master how to put on eyelashes."
Her girl-next-door demeanor paired with her effortless beauty made many root for her during the finale of the show. But, when she wasn't offered the ring, Jojo, once again, found herself in the spotlight as The Bachelorette. And, although she then had her own glam squad at her side, she remained her own hairstylist.
"You know what it is, I just like doing my hair. I think when you have figured out how you like your hair, it's hard to get someone else to do it the way you like it," she revealed. "I wish I would've experimented more, done more styles because I just kept it down for most of the time. You know, so that was my biggest beauty regret on The Bachelorette."

Although she may have a few regrets, the beauty star walked away from the cameras with Jordan Rodgers at her side and a beauty routine worthy of a dozen roses.