Man surprises girlfriend with enchanting cave proposal [SEE PHOTOS]

This young man has just given his girlfriend the magical, and it’s unnaturally beautiful.
American, Eric Martinez was in Mexico on vacation with his babe, Cammy Rynae Cuoco when he proposed during a photo shoot in a picturesque cave in Riviera Maya.

After the elation of that proposal, Cammy got exciting news right there and then – her boyfriend and the photographer, Polly Dawson of Del Sol Photography had planned another photoshoot!
Eric and Polly arranged an underwater, mermaid-themed shoot for her and she totally loved the idea!
“My favorite princess was always Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid,’” the super-thrilled Cammy told HuffPost.
“Mermaids are magical and get to explore the vast depths of the sea.
“And how perfect that I get to have a Prince Eric of my very own.”

The gallery of awesome photos below tells the rest of their enchanting story.
Photos after the cut: