‘Manhood is not measured by age but by maturity’-Akomaye Ugar Reveals

Akomaye Ugar

Akomaye Ugar, a prolific writer, Leadership and personal development consultant, value-powered speaker, and pastor at HoneyStreams Christian Centre International based in Calabar, Nigeria has stated that manhood is not measured by age but by maturity.

 The Pastor who is married for 11 years made this known during the Christ Ambassadors Student Organization (CASOR)Fellowship meeting on Sunday 27th August 2017.

Akomaye Ugar wife

During the meeting, he and his wife talked about principles of premarital relationships which included laying the right foundation, the need for maturity, discovering yourself, setting your values right, having predefined goals and purpose to get married and having defined activities.

During the questions and answers session, Pastor Akomaye answered a question that had to do with marrying a lady older than the man and he said a few considerations should be made including social consideration (if you can stand the social criticism) and the difference in age.