Basket Mouth clears air over alleged viral picture of his childhood

Basketmouth, a popular Nigerian comedian isn't finding some jokes funny, ironic right?
So some weeks ago, a picture of a poor malnourished child surface on social media with people claiming it was the comedian. A lot of people actually bought in on the gist.
An obviously not thrilled Basketmouth has taken to his Instagram page to clarify the misleading fact. He put up his baby picture just to differentiate it from that of the alleged picture.

‘Oya naaa!!! Where the people wey de accuse me wrongly? Una don see my baby pics now? Can I rest now? So as you can see, the kid 'top left' isn't me. Case closed.’
Basketmouth is known for his above board jokes, spanning no limits so it's a bit surprising he isn't having any of these jokes.
The multi-talented comedian and father of three in a recent chat with Hip TV was asked why he isn't seen regularly in a club, he said: "it's just too stressful".
According to him, they are too stressful. From not being able to dance properly because of the crowd to drinks being overpriced it's best avoided.
"You go to a club, it's crowded, you can't dance. Everybody is hitting you. It's expensive. At the end of the day, you're getting stressed out to enjoy your money. So, I'll rather just stay home. Buy the drinks and keep it real. Call my friends, we will club mehn."

In January 2017, Basketmouth met the the Councillor Parvez Ahmed; elected Mayor Of Brent whose borough covers the Wembley Arena and Leader of Council Councillor Muhammed Butt.
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