Desperate Nigerian Lady Looking for Husband Says She Doesn’t Mind Living In A Batcher With One

A beautiful looking Nigerian lady, who is greatly in need of a spouse, has said she doesn’t mind living in a batcher house with him, if it comes to that… yeah… she’s that desperate, her own has pas another level..Oops!.

Racheal Ugorji took to her Facebook to share with her friends that she’s in search of a husband and she doesn’t care what shape or size he is, so long he has hands and legs.
Racheal says she’d go to any length just to please her man, also stating that she’s not expensive so guys shouldn’t be scared to approach her or what not.

She wrote on her page:

‘Ma niggas I have been waiting for u guys to come and do d needful, my dm has been open my inbox has been open, please na I need to get married. Am not expensive at all infact I can stop using cream bikonu am tired. I can also shave off my hair if it pleases u o, just as long as u have two hands and legs we can also live in a batcher no fear. Am waiting abeg man na man’
What do you think about this?
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