'Police officer asked for sex from me in exchange for bail' - Female robbery suspect

A 27-year-old woman who is standing trial for armed robbery, Victoria Amodu, shocked a court sitting in Lagos State when she revealed that an Investigative Police Officer [IPO], framed her for refusing to have sex with him in exchange for her bail, Owojela’s Blog learnt.

The suspect indicted the IPO attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad [SARS], Ikeja Division, of asking her to offer him sex so he could release her from custody but when she refused, he charged her to court.
Punch has it that Amodu, a trader, and mother of four, was giving her evidence in chief before Justice Kudirat Jose when she was arraigned for alleged conspiracy and armed robbery.
The lady who was charged alongside one Hammed Isiaka, on a six-count charge of conspiracy to commit robbery and armed robbery, said she was arrested in the Badagry area of the state while hawking bread and when she was taken into custody, the IPO demanded sex in exchange for her freedom.
While being led in evidence by her counsel, Nelson Onyejaka, Amodu told Justice Jose that she was unjustly arrested by the police on August 12, 2014, at Church Bus stop, Badagry.
She narrated that she was selling bread at the bus stop when policemen raided the area and arrested her and others, bundled them into their truck and took them to the SARS headquarters.
“I was arrested by the police while I was selling bread and taken to the station at SARS, Ikeja. An IPO there told me to call someone that would come for my bail.
I called a neighbour, a lady that helps me look after my kids. When she arrived, the IPO said a woman could not sign my bail bond, which he put at N400,000.
I became worried because I didn’t know any man to call since I was no longer living with my husband and I was also new in Lagos.
I decided to call my father but he refused to come to the station. He said since I was married, he had no hand in anything concerning me.
I didn’t know what else to do at this time, so I started begging the IPO to let me go and take care of my kids since I didn’t commit any offence.
The IPO took me outside the cell to a corner and said that I am a pretty lady and that if I submit myself to him, I would be freed.
I got angry and shouted at him, asking why he would make such a statement to me. He immediately dragged me back to the cell.
Some others who were arrested that day were released after they paid money, though I don’t know how much they paid.
Nights after, the IPO brought out some case files and told me and others in the cell to sign them. He said that when we were done the signing, we would be released.
I agreed to sign the documents on the condition that he would not touch me. But the other men refused, saying they couldn’t sign what they didn’t know.
The IPO immediately brought out his gun and threatened to shoot them if they didn’t sign and they fearfully signed it. After signing the documents, we were all taken to a Magistrates Court and from there, to Kirikiri Prison,” Amodu explained.

After hearing her testimony, Justice José referred the case file to the Directorate of Public Prosecutions [DPP], for advised while she adjourned the case till November 29, 2017, for adoption of final addresses.