See What Politicians are saying about Ayade’s Government

Ambassador Akpang Obi Odu, Nigeria’s former envoy to South Korea has described the leadership style of Cross River Governor, Senator Ben Ayade as impactful.

Odu gave the commendation when he visited Mr. Ayade recently in his office in Calabar where he said Ayade was God sent as his feats were unprecedented and unmatched.
“I have watched three successive governments, but I must say Ayade is laying a great foundation that will transform the socioeconomic landscape of our state for our children yet unborn,” Mr. Odu said.
He said he liked Mr. Ayade because he is “proactive and I totally believe in people who are proactive and make pronouncements for things to happen because if you don’t speak out what you nurse in your heart, you may never actualize them.
“If we have the same mindset that you have sir, I can assure you that we will be the gateway to Nigeria and I am happy that we are able to articulate with his Excellency to develop this State.”
He commended the vision for the 275km superhighway and the Bakassi deep seaport, and maintained that: “even the president has put his foot down to support our deep seaport and the superhighway.
“So, you can imagine that if we have all these investments fully in place by the government, no one will say I am poor again because of what the governor has agreed to do, couple with the ones that are still coming to our State.”
On security, Odu said Mr. Ayade has maintained a peaceful state in spite of daunting challenges and information to the contrary.
He said that: “issues of security is being contained well by His Excellency even though there are various stories that try to slander the image of the state but we have consistently remained one of the most peaceful state in the country,” and called for more offerings in the state’s tourism sector.
“Our carnival can also run longer by including our New Yam festivals which will make people to start visiting from January until December,” Odu said and called on Cross Riverians to rally round the Governor.
He said Mr. Ayade has everyone at heart. “Let us not discourage him or form an attitude of discouragement because under his leadership, we will achieve a whole lot than we ever expected.”

Odu had served as Ambassador between January 2000 to March 2003.