South African in Florida during Hurricane Irma goes viral after leaving this brilliant message [SEE NOW]

Hurricane Irma has sent the US into a state of chaos, just a week after mass flooding in Texas, the category 5 Irma has carved up Miami, Naples and other parts of Florida.

Most parts of the state were hit with mandatory evacuation orders days before the storm even arrived. This means that people boarded up their homes, applied sandbags and grabbed what they could before fleeing for their lives.
The message from officials was clear, you can rebuild your property but you can’t rebuild your life if you’re dead.
While hundreds of thousands of Flordia residents boarded up their homes, one unknown South African family managed to do so in the most South African way ever.

How to spot a South African in Florida… #HurricaneIrma@eNCA
— Daniëlla van Heerden (@DanniTwiet) September 10, 2017

eNCA’s Daniella van Heerden got hold of a photo that showed someone had written “Voetsek Irma” onto a board they had used to protect one of the house’s window.

The replies for that tweet only led to even more hilarity as South Africans joked about our ability to keep calm in serious situations and always see the positives. A second South African sign was discovered and this one may just take the cake.

And this one!!! Priceless.
— Geoff Stroebel (@GeoffStroebel) September 11, 2017

Well, we South Africans really are special people after all. Let’s hope this family is doing a-ok and these wonderful boards made the difference.
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