2Face Idibia opens up on the recent death of Davido's friends

2Baba has joined other celebrities who have learnt their voices to the sad turn of events that befell music star Davido.

In an exclusive interview with NET, the music icon spoke about the death of Davido's three friends who all died mysteriously within one week. He had some advice to give to Davido
"Nobody plans for stuff for this. It makes you want to start to think, should I hide myself? should I stop being that jolly good fellow? So many things come to your head when things like this happen.
"There are only two things, one, keep your head straight and two be grateful to friends and your creator and then henceforth just be careful. Don't change your friendliness for anything and you know how people are always quick to write your own story on your behalf," he said.
It would be recalled that Davido has been in the news over the mysterious death of three of his friends, Olugbemiga 'DJ Olu' Abiodun, Tagbo Umeike and Chime Amaechi who all died within one week.
 Tagbo Umeike was last seen partying with Davido and his crew before he was found dead in his car at a General Hospital on October 4, 2017, while DJ Olu and Chime Amaechi were both found dead in the car belonging to DJ Olu on October 7, 2017.

The death of these guys brought a lot of negative attention to Davido, as actress Caroline Danjuma called him out, citing that Davido had some questions to answer over the death of Tagbo Umeike.
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