Las Vegas Shooting: Donald Trump Addresses the US

Trump to the nation: 'It was an act of pure evil'
 President Donald Trump is now addressing the nation on the shooting.
“My fellow Americans. we are joined together today in sadness, shock and grief. Last night a gunman opened fire on a large crowd at a country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada. He brutally murdered more than 50 people and wounded hundreds more.
“It was an act of pure evil. The FBI and the department of homeland security are working closely with local authorities to assist with the investigation and they will provide updates as to the investigation and how it develops.”
He thanks the Las Vegas police and other first responders. “The speed with which they acted is miraculous. To have found the shooter so quickly after the first shots were fired is something we for which we will always be thankful.”
“We cannot fathom their pain, we cannot imagine their loss. The the families of the victims we are praying for you, we are here for you.”

In memory of the fallen, he says, he has directed flags to fly at half-staff. “In moments of tragedy and horror Americans come together as one. It always has.”