Daddy Freeze Instagram account gets hacked again

A couple of days after he got back his Instagram account, media personality Daddy Freeze has lost it again.

The on-air-personality made this known today, Friday, November 3, 2017, on his backup Instagram account.
"Account has been hacked again. Once again we arrive at this backup account"  said the veteran media personality.
On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, Freeze announced he had gotten his Instagram account back. He also insinuated that pastors were behind the hacking of his account.
"Instead of pastors to debunk my stance on tithing with the Bible, they are busy hacking accounts. How Christlike. #FreeTheSheeple" he tweeted on Sunday, October 29, 2017.
 Freeze is known for bashing pastors who live off the tithe of their members. His rants against organized religion have become a recurring topic accompanied by the hashtag #freethesheeple.
During his midweek service, Pastor Paul Adefarasin addressed the tithing debate and spoke about people who constantly bash the church.
Prior to getting his account hacked, Daddy Freeze was involved in an argument with singer Timi Dakolo over his views on marriage.
Freeze came for Timi Dakolo after he expressed his views on marriage which he saw as a statement made by a novice.
He claimed Timi Dakolo has no experience in marriage because he has been married for over ten years prior to his divorce unlike Timi who is less than ten years in marriage.

He also castigated the vocalist for patronizing pastors who have been the subject of his rather aggressive sermons on how the Church has become a centre of financial gain as opposed to where Christians are nurtured with the right doctrine which should focus on a concern for the needy.