Student pours hot peppered-water on colleague in Cross River

boiling hot water
A male student of the Cross River State College of Health Technology, (COTECH) has been bathed with hot water mixed with pepper and salt in the institution in Biase local government area of Cross River State.

The victim, President of Community Health Department, COTECH, Mr. Ethoti Uno was bathed by Miss Odinke Sylvester, a second year Community Health Extension student.
According to an administrative staff of the college, Adat Adat Obona, the victim Mr Ethoti was at the practical site at Abini in Biase on Friday to address some abnormalities bordering on misbehaviour exhibited by Miss Odinke Sylvester.
Obona said Miss Sylvester did not take caution kindly and fight ensued between her and Uno. Consequently, hot water mixed with salt and pepper was poured on Uno.
“Miss Odinke became furious after the president of their students’ association cautioned the health student against engaging in unethical practises such as drinking palm wine openly with natives on site.
“She went ahead to boil the concoction shortly afterwards and baptise him with it.” Interestingly, Mr Ethoti Uno is currently receiving treatment at Cottage Hospital, Akpet Central, Biase Local Government headquarters.
Condemning the attitude of the Health Worker, Prince Thomas Abi Jr described the incident as barbaric, callous, evil and highly lampoonery. “This is what we have been preaching. In recent time, many of our daughters have become Jezebel.
“How on Earth would a fellow human think of bathing another with boiled hot water containing a mixture of salt and pepper? Over the years we have been championing for women’s rights but now it seems men need to clamour for their rights with the attacks on the men folk.