Auto-accidents: firm introduces nitrogen gas filled tyres in Kaduna

car tyres burning

Apparently worried by the increasing rate of accident on Nigerian roads, a company, Asahi Brands has introduced nitrogen gas filled tyres in Kaduna.
Speaking at the official opening of the company’s tyre service centre over the weekend, the Senior General Manager, Asahi Brands, Jagdish Prasad said air-filled tyres are more prone to road accidents due to the temperature in the northern part of the country.
He said, “Nitrogen gas does not have any moisture, so when the temperature goes up and you are driving on the long routes, the temperature and the tyre pressure goes up because there is moisture in the air filled. For the northern part, because of the temperature, we are adding the nitrogen gas so that there is no increase in the air pressure in the tyre because it will not expand which is safer.”
He added, “With the nitrogen gas, the tyre is safe. When the tyre runs, it becomes hot and hot tyres wear faster and the chances of catching nails or bursting are higher, but when the tyres are filled with nitrogen gas, the tyre life goes up, tyre safety increases and people are more protected.”
He urged Nigerian’s to promote quality products so that their lives are taken care of.
On what informed the decision to open a branch in Kaduna, he said, “Opening a tyre service centre in Kaduna was informed by the large number of people who owned cars in the city because with the right car and the right quality of tyres, road accidents will increase.”

Asahi Brands is the only authorized distributor of Bridgestone/Firestone tyres and is part of a Kewalram Group of Companies which has been in existence in Nigeria for 140 years.