How a Ghastly Fire outbreak was averted in Dazell-B filling station Calabar

filling station burning

It would have being a sad incident, if the fire that occurred in Dazell-B filling station, Murtala Mohammed Highway Calabar, on Friday morning if passersby and some staff present did not avert it on time.
 Owojela's Blog learnt that the fire started from the generator house behind the min-mart/office building of the gas station, some persons stated perceiving strange pungent smell only to discover that the generator house ws already set ablaze, even though it was still on.
 The persons quickly alerted passersby and people used all sort of things to quench the fire, including water, sand, fresh grass etc.
 The person in charge of the station thanked the good Samaritans for their help and said the fault of the fire could be an electric fault from the generator.

 Goods worth millions would have being lost and expensive equipment but, thanks be to God as the fire was averted on time.