Storify’s standalone service is shutting down next year


 Storify’s eventual shuttering has been a long time coming. The social timeline curation service was acquired by commenting platform Livefyre back in 2013, which, in turn, was picked up by Adobe in May of last year, Owojea’s Blog learnt.
In a pithily worded note on its homepage today, the service announced that it will cease to exist as a standalone offering starting next year.
The process of disappearing from it current form will take a few months, but beginning today, users will no longer be able to sign up for new accounts. On May 1 of next year, the company will kill the ability to create new stories.
Two weeks after that, at 5PM Pacific Time on May 16, the site will shut down for good. The shuttering of the service applies to all content and accounts hosted by Storify. As such, it’s suggesting that users use its export function to save their work locally.
While is going away, the service will apparently live on in another form, under the Livefyre umbrella, as Storify 2. The new service will only be available to users who purchase a Livefyre license.
“Since Livefyre was acquired by Adobe in March 2016, we’ve been fully integrating and aligning the product with Adobe Experience Cloud and its enterprise solutions,” an Adobe spokesperson told TC. “After May 16, 2018, Livefyre’s, an offering that doesn’t fit in this strategy, will no longer be available.”
We’ve asked Adobe for more insight into how the platform will operate once fully integrated into Livefyre, but the company’s not offering up any more information at this time. Either way, the service will most likely be a good deal different than the Storify users have come to know and love, serving to power Adobe’s enterprise offerings, rather than offering up its current form of social content aggregation.

Whatever the case, if you’ve got any content on the site, better get downloading while the downloading’s good.