What is GT Bank GTCoins Used for


Hello guys, gtcoins may sound unfamiliar if you are not following the cryptocurrency trend. Today Owojela odey will be teaching you all what gtcoins in Nigeria is used for and how it can be used in internet banking.

 In a simple term, GT Coins are points you earn as a GT Bank customer, this happens when you carry out financial transactions using the bank’s e-channels such as 737, Mobile banking application and internet banking.

 GT Coins are reward tokens users gain after making use of GT Bank’s e-channel for financial transactions or carryout selective bank actions.

 There’s also a coin called gtcoins which is not owned by GT Bank, it’s an ERC 223 token generated on the Ethereum network, a De-centralised Currency that enables the user to purchase gaming titles, purchase items within those gaming titles, trade on a marketplace for gaming gear and most of all earn an income from testing games.

 Wow! Enough of the big grammar, let’s face reality and stop shouting token, cryptocurrency, reward, 737..etc..lol.
 Now, you’ve understood what gtcoin means, now I will tell you how to earn gtcoins before going further to explain what to do with the coin owned by GT Bank Nigeria, one of Nigeria’s top commercial bank.

How to Earn GT Coins

·        GTCoin can be earned by using GT Bank’s 737 Service for your transactions, internet banking or its mobile app.

·        You can also earn gtcoins by funding your new or dormant Guarantee trust Bank account online, via e-channels, or branch.

·        GT Coins can be earned using your GT Bank Naira Mastercard. (You earn 5 GT Coins every time you make payments in stores in Nigeria)

·        Another good way you can earn gtcoins is by setting up standing instructions for your Child’s Smart Kids Savings (SKS) account.

GTCoins Redeem: How Can I redeem my own GTCoins?

Yes guys, you can redeem your earned GTCoins with this easy step:
Login to your Internet Banking, Select ‘Redeem GT Coins” to view your Cumulative (total) GTCoins. It’s that simple

What is gtcoins used for?

See question! Well, we are all in the main segment of what brought us to this post, and it’s simply to know the use of gtcoins. 

 GTCoins can be used to purchase airtime. According to information on GT Bank’s official website, you need 200 GTCoins to purchase 1,000 airtime of your choice.

 GTCoins can be used to buy Cinema tickets online, cable subscription, gift vouchers and you can also see other amazing deals as time goes on.
After being mentioned on twitter, The bank's handle tweeted

"Bid System using GTcoins Customers will be able to bid for discounted/bargain rewards such as: o All expenses-paid trips (Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, UK..) , Smartphones (Apple and Samsung) , Concert tickets, Electronic items.

  The availability of a deal via the Bid or Purchase system will be communicated to a customer via social media, mobile banking In-app messages, USSD post transaction, ATM post transaction, Internet Banking post transaction etc."
 Let’s say you have 5000 GTCoins, you can convert it to airtime worth of 25,000, isn’t that cool. It’s just like a moment when you realize Nigeria’s GTCoins would have more value than other valuable cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc...lol. We just hope gtcoin would be the next big thing in Nigeria crypto space.

How Long Does GT Coins Last

 GT Bank has it that GT Coins are accumulated for the first to the last day of every month and must be used within the month. In other words, your GT Coins can last for just a single month, so it would be wise to use it up as soon as it’s accumulated. Note that your GTCoins cannot be rolled over to the next month.

How to Check My Available gtcoins?

I know after reading this gtcoin review and knowing what GT Coin is used for, you would definitely want to find out  the balance of your semi-crypto-currency.

 This can be checked in two ways;
i.                    By visiting GT Bank’s Internet Banking portal on ibank.gtbank.com/ibank3/main.aspx and also
ii.                  By using the USSD code *737*6*1# from the mobile number registered to your GT Bank account.
iii.                 You can also know your gt coin earnings by checking 737 transaction messages every time you successfully complete any transaction using the GT bank 737 USSD Service.

I hope with this guide, Owojela Odey has being able to help you identify the use of gtcoins, its meaning in details, its value, how to redeem it and of course how to check your gtcoin balance.