How I went from being a bus conductor to ‘king of comedy’- Ali Baba

Ali Baba comedian
Top Nigerian comedian, Atunyota Akpobome, popularly known as Ali Baba, has revealed his rough beginnings as a bus conductor before he rose to stardom.

The stand-up comedian went down memory lane while sharing his experience on Channels Television’s Breakfast Programme, Sunrise.
“I have been a bus conductor before, from Ramah Park back to Ogbaazu in Delta State. I occasionally used my dad’s Toyota Crown vehicle to convey people to their respective destination as a taxi-driver.
“I had my dad’s Toyota Crown. I will take the car for washing and I would do kabu-kabu (taxi), bribe him by coming with all the newspapers and put on the table,” he added.
Speaking further, the comic actor revealed that his hard work eventually paid off because people recognised him when he ventured into comedy.
He also recalled how the family of the late publisher of The Guardian Newspaper, Alex Ibru, approached him a few years back as they recognised him as ”someone who once did menial jobs for the family.”
He added, “I have loaded bottles before in Super Breweries. Even the Ibrus knew me because during holidays my dad takes us to the village. Our own summer was in the village.
“So when I started doing stand-ups, they were one of the first people that I visited and they were like, you are the one that loads crates and I responded, yes I used to.”
Ali Baba, who has marked 30 years as a successful comedian in the country said that his entry into the comic world began by an “accident.”
According to him, 1988 was a defining moment because ‘October Rush’ was a time people coming back from holidays had free time.