Lost and found: Man gets his wallet and other valuables back after 10 days

A Delhi man lost his wallet and other important documents in the metro on March 15 but got them back ten days later.

Gurpreet Singh took the last metro from the Central Secretariat station till Lajpat Nagar but it was only after he got down that he realised that his wallet was missing.
Talking to TOI, Gurpreet said that the metro officials asked him to wait for 12-15 minutes since the train was finishing its last lap. The officials then searched the metro but were unable to find anything. Gurpreet then sensing that his possessions were lost forever went back home, since there was nothing more he could do.
However, he couldn't believe his luck when he received a parcel yesterday containing his wallet with all the documents and some money. Gurpreet then took to Facebook to post about the good deed.
The parcel containing the wallet also carried a letter by the samaritan who goes by the name of Siddharth Mehta. The letter listed the contents of the wallet; an Aadhar card, a driving license, two debit cards, one metro card, Rs. 516 in cash, pictures and some sim cards. The sender also asked Gurpreet "to be careful from next time".

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