THE NEW MARKET By Solomon Unimke

The New Market
Businesses and brands are thinking of how to increase their market share, reach larger audiences, build trust, interact with and engage their customers. Where do you think they can meet potential customers and how? Online! The internet is the New Marketplace, according to INTERNETLIVESTATS 46.1% of the world’s population is online, that’s a huge market for your brand. You can meet people interested in your products or services and who are searching for things related to your business via websites and social networking platforms.
Taking your business online gives you insight and understanding of your Customers’ behavior especially on how they interact with your products or services. You can also track how many people have seen your ads, and obtain general information on their location, age etc.
The internet allows you reach a wider audience who may be interested in your business and the product or services you offer. The new market provides you with all the necessary tools you may require to satisfy your business needs and also you can build a community of people interested in your brand. Reaching your audience becomes easier through targeting; your promotion or advert campaigns seem effortless with features such as targeted ads, search engine optimization, etc.
The new market makes purchasing easier, guarantees increased sales, and increase in brand visibility. Taking advantage of online analytics platforms help you track your ROI. With an amazing digital strategy your competition is no match with you.
DOMINO’S saw the opportunity online and thought of what it’s  brand can benefit, they thought of making it easy to order pizza by allowing customers request delivery of their favorite pizza through the means of tweeting to the @Dominos Twitter account, or by using the hashtag #EasyOrder. The tweet-based order system earned Domino’s media coverage from the likes of USA TodayForbes, and Good Morning America, not to mention a Titanium Grand Prix award at Cannes. More than 50% of Domino’s orders come from online channels today.
How awesome can the new market be! Don’t you think it’s high time your brand took its product or services to the new market (Online)?Having identified your niche in this new market, reaching your audience becomes a lot easier by determining your business goals.

The How?
o   Determine your business goal(s).
o   Define your target audience.
o   Identify where to meet them on social networks, websites, etc.
o   Build or create channels to reach them such as blog posts, texts, videos, info graphics, etc.
o   Evaluate your outcomes or results.
o   Readjust or re-strategize.
o   Build and nurture relationships.
o   Be consistent and focus on your goal.
Being aware of the new market and what it can help your business achieve, it is best you align what you want to do with your business goals. The new market has come to stay; you have the option of shaping your products and services to meet market needs or be left behind. The new market is growing rapidly every day, it is high time small businesses and organizations saw the need to explore opportunities online for their brands.

“Be where the world is going”
-         Beth Comstock

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”
-         Simon Sinek
 Solomon Unimke is a Business Developer, Digital Consultant and Digital Skills​ Trainer follow him on twitter @solomon_unimke to connect with him.