3 times reality star, Uriel refused to be body-shamed

Uriel Oputa
If you think being a celebrity is an easy burden to carry, then you've got to try putting on Uriel Oputa's shoes to know what it feels like to be body-shamed.

Since hitting stardom, Uriel has been faced with so many backlashes by followers on social media. Despite that, the reality star has refused to be intimidated by these nosy guys.

Check out three times the former Big Brother Naija housemate refused to be body-shamed on social media:
1. The famous video
Back in January 2018, Uriel had taken to her Instagram page where she posted a video of herself looking beautiful but she had a different message for those who are always quick to body shame her.

" I am proud of my body, I am a proud African woman, I am proud of my big saggy boobs, these boobs will feed my children," Uriel revealed. Uriel who was visibly emotional went on to talk about how she has over the years tried to look good in the eyes of the public

"It's so difficult to be in the public eye, I just wish people can stop saying horrible things. I cant help with the way I look, I really cant. I have tried many things, I have tried to put sellotape on my boobs and on my brazier. Forgive me but I don't rely on my body to get by, I rely on my brains, half of you cannot walk in my shoes, do half of the things that I have I done. Keep inspiring people, keep being positive," she concluded

2. Another revealing photo

When most celebrities share their photos online, they usually attract comments from followers. Most times these comments are cute and at times we get to see the backlash from some nosy followers. So when Uriel shared a photo on her Instagram page back in January 2018 and started getting backlashes from followers, she too came prepared for the party as she gave them a taste of their own poison.

"Big fat, Black, cow leg, tree trunk...    I saw the comments        I love it ..if I use this leg to kick o they go end up in Oguta lake with fishing net," she wrote.

3. Uriel's latest photo

The thing about Uriel's posts on social media is that she kind of gets tipped off even before the body-shamers come for her and this was seen again in another photo she shared a few days ago on her Instagram page. She posted the photo and already had a message for those who were going to be calling her out.
"Pls pls, I would like to beg you let my saggy boobs feel sexy pls... It's a shoot after I will pack them. Pls just let me have this picture I'm shaking as I'm typing this. Pls pls, Amazing shoot with a Ghanaian Fashion brand @eunice_oheneba_asiedu  Make up @caroline_odgPlus size models rock," she wrote.
One celebrity who has always come to Uriel's rescue like a knight in shining armour is the veteran rapper, Ruggedman. For every time Uriel has been body shamed, Ruggedman has always confessed his love Uriel's body, especially, her 'Saggy boobs.'