For Womem: See10 truths your boyfriend never wants to admit to you

boyfriend secrets
There are things your girlfriend will never want to tell you, just as things your boyfriend will never want to admit to you.

If you are wondering what the things are that your babe will always try to hide from you [they're all cute stuff by the way!] you should check out our previous article here.

And if you are interested in knowing the things your boyfriend may never tell you, here are 10 of them below:
1. You look a little overweight

Women are fond of asking boyfriends for opinions about their looks. So it won’t be surprising that you would want his opinion on whether you whether you look a little plump around the waistline.

But If you are actually expecting him to say yes to that question, you may want to think again.
We've been together for 3 years but he's not talking about marriage. play
If his friends don't like you, he won't be so elated to come tell you (Essence)

2. His friends don’t like you

He won’t want to tell you this because, he loves you and that’s what really matters, yeah?
3. He’s not impressed by that 500k weave

But he won’t tell you this so as not to hurt your feelings and effort to ‘look good for him’
4. He doesn’t think much of your best dress

You know that cute dress you are always so hyped and amped-up to wear? Yeah that one you keep in a special place and only bring out when you want to be a total knockout and gorgeous slay queen.

Guess what, your boyfriend may not like it. But he won’t tell you because, why kill your vibe?
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That nice dress, top that you like so much, he doesn't think it's that cool. (New Haven)

5. Your cooking is terrible

Especially if he isn’t a good cook himself or if he’s a lazy one who continually depends on you doing the cooking regularly. He’s not want to admit that the meal is really bad and he’s just chowing on the meals because he has no option.

6. The sex is boring

He won’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you that you suck at oral sex [no pun intended] or that you could do better with that reverse cowgirl.

But he actually should talk to you about the sex. Because if he doesn’t, your sex life will only get worse and you both don’t need that.

So, maybe it’s time to ask him for an honest assessment so as to see what he really thinks about your sex game.
Also if you talk too much, he may not want to hurt your feeling by pointing it out to you. (Madamenoire)

7. You talk too much

He’d want to keep this away from you more because he doesn’t want you to think he’s insulting you.
8 He doesn’t like your mum

If he doesn’t like your mum or dad, you really can’t expect him to give you this bit of information, do you?

Who does that, right?
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He'll never say it, but he thinks your bestie is way finer than you. (Classic105)

9. He thinks your friend is finer than you

10. He’s not sure of marriage

But he won’t tell you because he does not even know how to go about giving you this information.

So he’ll stay and keep complicating things because in your own mind, you already see you married to him and carrying his two daughters and two sons.