How car battery thieves in Calabar were stripped naked and beaten to pulp

car battery thieves

Two battery thieves in Calabar, Cross River State were recently beaten up by a set of angry mob in an failed attempt.
Owojela’s Blog gathered the thieves were caught attempting to steal a car battery from a car parked at Atekong Drive in Marian Road.
According to an eye witness, the hoodlums were caught by some young men who have been keeping watch around the area following incessant cases of car battery theft. “The thieves had stealthily opened the bonnet of the car and removed the battery from the car and were about to run away when the youths apprehended them and descended on them with the beating of their lives.

“They were stripped naked and machetes were used to butcher their heads and backs with blood gushing out of their bodies and to avoid police trouble, the youths asked them to run away and leave the area knowing that much damage had been done to them”, The anonymous witness said.
Another source who pleaded anonymity said after the thieves ran away naked they did not return to their homes but hid themselves at the vacant plot owned by Olumba Olumba Obu located opposite the stadium.
“They hid themselves there with blood still gushing from their bodies and this morning some people from Big Qua who were passing through the short cut along the vacant Olumba plot saw them and raised alarm and a mob began to chase and beat them more”.
He further added that they ran into the Oando Filling Station but were sent out by the attendants and the mob caught up with them and made them to lay on the floor along Calabar Road opposite the stadium and it was from there the police came for them”.