Top Radio Stations in Calabar, Cross River

Radio Stations in Calabar
Currently, Cross River State now has five (5) private, three (3) state government and one (1) federal government radio stations operational.

Below is the Full List of top radio stations in Cross River State; both government owned and private radio stations in no order of relevance as observed by Owojela’s Blog.
They include:

1. Hit 95.9 FM, Calabar (Private)

2. FAD 93.1 FM, Calabar (Private)

3. Sparkling 92.3 FM, Calabar (Private)

4. Correct 97.3 FM, Calabar (Private)

5. City FM, Calabar (came and went off air) (Private)

6. Paradise 105.5 FM Cross River Broadcasting Corporation (CRBC), Calabar (State Government)

7. Cross River Radio 92.6 FM (State Government)
8. Canaan City 99.5 FM, Calabar (Federal Government)

9. CRBC 89.7 FM, Ikom (State Government)
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