What Yahoo Boys do to make it Big [A MUST SEE]

Rich Nigerian Yahoo Boy
Nowadays, Rich Nigerian youths with unknown source of income have become prominent in various communities around Nigeria.

Owojela’s Blog would reveal to you five shocking things young boys do to make it big as Yahoo Plus.
These set of youths live lavishly, wear the latest designers, drive exotic cars and are celebrated often, but they mostly don’t have a legitimate source of income.

Most of these young boys started with the usual ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ (Scamming white people), but it seems that isn’t just enough and they want it all, so they go through the dark route.
Some call it ‘Yahoo Plus’ Just recently, 14 Yahoo Boys were caught in the Ajah and Lekki Areas of Lagos by the EFCC, they were arrested and paraded after a tip off about their lavish lifestyle, but no legitimate source of income to back it up.
They were arrested with Luxury cars, Exotic laptops and Charms. The increase in devilish rituals explored by Yahoo boys in their chase for money is becoming rampant

Tough challenges in getting a regular ‘Maga’ to fund their lust for luxury and an extra comfortable life has encouraged them to give the fear-inspiring medium called Yahoo Plus a try.

Unfortunately, the occultic saviour offering financial upliftment has required ‘internet fraudsters’ to submit to jaw-dropping evil actions in their paper chase.

We have compiled a list of things fetish wealth seekers have done to get money.

See what Yahoo boys now do in order to keep making money since Yahoo no longer pays without going extra miles.

1. Eating Human Faeces

Yahoo Plus Eat Shit

They eat it with bread in form of a sandwich Eeeew!!! That is a likely response when the idea of eating bread sandwiched with human faeces is considered but not to some Yahoo Boys.
A lady once overheard her ex-boyfriend in a conversation with pal who listened to him narrate his experience while eating the mixture which is believed to be one of the rights he needed to fulfill in a quest for money.
This is however minor compared to the next example.

2. Barking Once A Month As Part Of Money Ritual

Yahoo Boy Barking

A viral video of a Yahoo Boy captured as he barked like a dog for the purpose of money ritual is another cause for concern.
While his friends laughed at him in a living room, he continuously made sounds that resembled the animal. A feature that may make one wonder if he indeed is a dog.

The friends seemed unbothered as they laughed and cheered in the background. “Owo De” which means “Money has come”, can be heard in the background while the young man barked.

3. ‘Oshole’, The Power Of Compulsion

Yahoo boy Charm

The craft of a ‘Babalawo’, a pastor or a cleric, has helped some internet fraudster who patronise Yahoo Plus can help deliver to the money lovers the power to command a ‘client’ (person scammed) to their bidding.
This is an opportunity to cop some huge stash of American Dollars.

4. Wiping A Lady’s Vagina With Towel After Sex

It has been rumoured that some ladies in Nigeria are walking dead following encounters with youths who have looked to Yahoo Plus for money.
By wiping moisture from a woman’s vagina after sex, it is believed that a wealth seeker is able to get what is desired after using the material in a ritual performed by a ‘Babalawo’ or any fetish lord.

5. Killing One’s Nephew For Money Rituals

This is not a particular trend but a man’s weakness killing his older sister’s son for the purpose of Yahoo Plus.

Tunde Owolabi, also known as ‘Money Talks’, was captured in handcuffs as he crouched beside the corpse of a little boy reportedly 7 years old.

A grave-looking Owolabi had a look of intent as he tilted his neck sideways as if paying attention to a more serious reality.

There has been recent talk about Yahoo Boys on Social with many dismissing as robbers and others defending them.

Many More are unheard of but these are the ones the internet has seen.
The End!!!

We you and your loved ones won’t fall into the trap of Ritualist

In case you know any devilish things young people do these days in their search for quick wealth, please drop them in the comment section, you might be saving millions of Soul.

Thank you.