Sad as Soldiers watched Izzi people kill 10, razed down our homes without replying, says Ukelle people

ng soldier
The people of Ukelle in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State has cried out following the incessant clashes with their neighbouring Izzians in Abakaliki Local Government Area of Ebonyi State as ten persons have been killed, 4 injured with properties worth millions of Naira burnt down including the home of a Clan Head.

The people accused the military sent to maintain peace in the area of treason, after watching the armed Ebonyi people attacked and left no flies on their path without the soldiers replying.
The menace, Owojela’s Blog learnt happened on Sunday, few days after the Acting Governor of Cross River State, Prof. Ivara Ejemot Esu and the Deputy Governor of Ebonyi State, Hon. Eric Kelechi Igwe with the Director General of National Boundary Commission held a peace talk to discontinue the crisis until the boundary is been delineated.

Narrating the incident, an indigene of Ukelle who gave his name as Richard Richmilky said, “After the last meeting held by both deputy governors at Mfuma, South Ukelle, Ukelle people accepted the Peace meeting but the Izzians refused to stay in peace, which they attacked and burned houses at Ijibolo 1, a community in South Ukelle, while Army men where on ground.”

He continued, “A peace agreement was to be met today, 8 of July 2018 between the both parties, but the opposite was the case. As I’m talking to you right now, seven persons hath been gunned down with 4 others injured, houses burnt down at Ipollo, a community in South Ukelle. Meanwhile, soldiers sent to come and prevent the war were right on ground without making any single effort.

“Izzi has always come to attacked us after peace meetings are being arranged – and the Ukelle people have seized shooting, acknowledging the armies as government agency, but the Izzians has always use it as an opportunity to attack us. Now, respect to the government agency has cost us lives and properties. This is an issue of a whole state (Ebonyi State) attacking and fighting 7 communities, Ijibolo 1&2, OGBA, Ujama, Ipollo, Okpodon, and Ogogomo, in (Yala) in Cross River.”
Another aggrieved person who gave his name as Ristus said, “The ability of the Izzi militias to bye-pass the military post located less than 40 meters away to carry out such carnage and barbaric act without any response from the military to repel them back generates some conspiracy theoretical permutations which the least sane mind can easily comprehend. People were killed in broad day light, houses were burnt and our gallant military stood still.

“It is obvious that the fate of Ukelle lies solely in our hands. We do not have the military to protect us, rather they prevent us from defending ourselves with our sticks and cutlasses, neither do we belong to a government or ethnic nationality to intervene in our moments of torments and tribulations.
“We have accepted our fate, we are counting our losses and will face our trying moments as it comes. But to our Ogoja brothers, always remember, “that the little thing you fail to face today will grow to face you tomorrow. This might be Ukelle turn, yours might be next”, Ristus fumed.

A victim, Jo Esse whose father’s house was burnt down said, “Today 8th July 2018, Izzi sluttered many Ukelle sons & daugthers, burnt down my father’s house, the palace of HRM Ubet Stephen Odom (Clan head of Mfuma/Ntrigom clan) and many homes in Ipollo Elugbala, south Ukelle, while we were waiting for a scheduled Peace meeting locally today.

“Today was proposed to be a peace meeting day after Izzi stormed Ukelle on the 4th July, killing many and burning homes after a peace meeting on the 3rd with both deputy governors plus DG national boundary commission, In the presence of army chiefs, police boss, etc.
“Please help us, the government of Cross River State has done so much to restore peace, the Ukelle nation has proposed daily for peace, but our people are slutered daily in the bid for peace and peaceful coexistence.

“Howbeit, I put it to the Government and people of Ebonyi state, that they are sponsoring the crisis and sabotaging the efforts of the Ukelle people and government of Cross River State to restore peace”, Esse lamented.
A source contacted the Cross River State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Irene Ugbo on phone on Monday, she said the command is aware of the incident. “I heard the incident too, but I’ve not been able to the reach the DPO of that station because of network problem.
“If the soldiers are there to prevent this people coming, they’re supposed to take action. Anybody that comes into Ukelle to fight, they’re supposed to finish the person.

“Police job is to capture the people alive and then persecute them, but the soldiers who have the right to kill were supposed to take action”, she said.