I'm attracted to a colleague at work; what do I do?

smile at work
My problem is this, there is this beautiful girl in my office she's all that a man can wish for but she has a boyfriend and she's giving me the signals.

They had a falling out and I did my best to make sure they came back together though her boyfriend may not know it. The signs are so obvious that in the office people think we are dating.
A colleague told me to date her that she might like me more than the other guy. The guy is well to do, owns a car and he's a Doctor.
I too have feelings for her but l am not sure I am ready for a relationship now. I had a fall out with her Monday morning.
After she had gone home she reached out to me and asked why I was acting up. I explained to her and she said she's not surprised I am not yet a full grown man. I but am three years older than she is.
Please what do I do as I don't want to have a bad relationship with her and still want to keep her as a friend.

Dear reader,

It’s really not as hard as you might think it is. Since you are already certain that you do not want a relationship yet, I think all you need is to be sincere with yourself and act that way.
Feelings come alright, but they go if they are not acted upon, and this is what your concern should be now. Instead of putting yourself in a situation to let things become more intimate and more complex between you and her, try to limit the amount of intimacy shared with her.
Keep conversations formal and professional. Be cool and civil but reduce closeness gradually till things return to the formal phase.
Also since you already know what you want, don’t let people project their feelings and thoughts onto you. Do what makes you happy and comfortable. Anything that takes away your peace of mind isn’t for you.

Author Bukky Sanni for Pulse