Rising debt: Nigerians react to Amina Mohammed’s statement

Amina Mohammed
Twitter users are reacting to the concerns of a former Nigerian minister, Amina Mohammed, who revealed that Nigeria’s debt profile had increased over the years.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations at the ‘Working Together: IMF and UN Conversation’ event on Wednesday said: “As I was coming up from New York, some of the concerns that came up from the meeting we had in China just recently and reports that we have, the debt issues are really big. I mean, having experienced what it was for Ngozi (Okonjo-Iweala) to get debt relief.

“It took her a few years to convince people, and we are now back again in my country, with a level of debt that is worrying. It’s happening all over. Africa, is that the way we want to go?”
Mohammed was a former Minister of Environment before she was appointed the UN Deputy Secretary-General.

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Juliet 'Kego @julietkego

Thank goodness it was Amina Mohammed that raised the rising debt issue and acknowledged the great work & sacrifice of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
When Oby Ezekwesili made a detailed thread about pros and many cons of these rising debts, we know the usual handles that attacked blindly.

Idongesit @Ubonid
Amina Mohammed, You are first a Nigerian, so if u've seen something gone wrong in Nigeria be sincere enough to speak the truth to power in Nigeria! The current debt trap Nigeria is, is largely due to the unprecedented illiteracy and incompetency of GMB&APC fed led govt 2015-date!

Superstar Influencer
Wait, Is Amina Mohammed not the best Minister Buhari appointed before she left for a job at the UN?
So she just realized Buhari has brought us back to debt again?


zanzibary @zanzibaries
The tone in Amina Mohammed's 'back in debt' comments suggest she was never a minister under the same Buhari government. pic.twitter.com/7ND8HQp2Nu

Simon Wada @simonwada
Alert on Nigeria’s rising debt profile was raised by  Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,  Oby Ezekwesili did a brilliant thread about it. Amina Mohammed is worried. These women knows their BEANS. Where are the men? What say you?

Yakubu M. Umar @Yakubu41

The present Deputy secretary of the United nation Amina Mohammed and counter-part Mrs. Ngozi Nkwanji Iweala previous doing their efforts to ensured Nigerian get out from debts. Nigerian economy GDP presently drop to 0.45 because of political chaos.....