President Buhari reveals what may disintegrate Nigeria


President Muhammadu Buhari has warned that Nigeria may disintegrate if leaders continue to incite the people.

According to him, “we would have no country to lead if our acts of deliberate incitement lead to the disintegration of our dear nation.”

The President gave the warning on Wednesday, before the commencement of the the Federal Executive Council, FEC, in Abuja.

Buhari called on political leaders to be decorous in their conduct and utterances in order not to fan the embers of disunity.

The President said, “Let us put Nigeria first and realise that in every contest there must be one winner.”

“The celebration forcefully reminds us of the resolve of our citizens to remain in one, united country, Nigeria.

“It also points out the fact that we had been through a bitter and unfortunate war that led to the loss of millions of our compatriots and the need to do all within our powers to avoid a reoccurrence of war.

“It is painful that this happened despite all the efforts of government to effect release of the two victims.

“We condemn the callous and cowardly act in its entirety and call on all citizens and friends to forge a united front against this common enemy of our destiny.

“Once more, I extend the heartfelt condolences of the Government and people of Nigeria to the families and friends of these martyrs,” he said.