2019: Why Cross River State Is Going Backwards-Eyo Ekpo

Eyo Ekpo 
The Gubernatorial candidate for the Social Democratic Party, in the 2019 Cross River State Governorship elections Mr. Eyo Ekpo has revealed that the state is going backwards in terms of development and its tourist attraction of which it was known for  and that the state needs people who will recover and restore its lost glory.
Eyo Ekpo made this known during a Media briefing on Saturday evening at the SDP state secretariat while speaking with the Media.
Mr. Eyo Ekpo who served as the Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Cross River State between 2003-2007 said there was zero tolerance of poor performance in the Ministry and it remained a legacy till date.
When the Media interacted with him, he made some revelations on things he will tackle if he becomes Governor and how he intends to Recover and Restore Cross River State to its glory days.
Eyo Ekpo said "We in the SDP have hope anchored with competence, youthful energy and integrity. Over time I have prepared myself unconsciously to take on responsibility."
"It is an impossible task to govern this state, if you are limited to the resources being allocated to Cross River State."
"Cross River was never set up to survive on a title called 'the civil servant state'. There are three major sources of funds for a government to run its activities. Money from the public sector, NGO and the private sector. Cross River State used to have an enabling environment which attracted investors but today we can obviously see we've lost that glory, I am committed to restoring Cross River State to its glory days of which it was known for as a tourism hub."
 Eyo Ekpo talking about the debt Cross River would be piling up said “the current Governor of Cross River State doesn’t have an idea on the current debt status of the state. The first step any sensible governor would do when he assumes office is to take stock of the debt in his state, when you know that, you can now restructure how to pay back. In Cross River we pretend our debt doesn’t exist.”
 Eyo Ekpo also elaborated on the power sector of the state and said the central and northern part of Cross River State needed generation of power since there was resources in those region than coming to make a plant in the South.
Mr. Eyo Ekpo said there was absence of governance in Cross River and he and his team would definitely involve the people in every aspect of governance.
He talked about the high rate of crime and cultism in the state saying ”Cultism is caused by lack of opportunity for youthful energy, create opportunity for young people, give them a reason to wake up everyday and do something meaningful with their lives. He said Cross River State could create a trust fund which gives room to put young people in internships, on the job trainings and offer mentoring support for people who needed to establish a business of their own.”
He also said “Cross River State could reduce cultism and crime rate by government officials denouncing the cult groups they belong to before swearing oath into office.”
Eyo Ekpo when asked on whether he would continue the signature projects of the present administration like the deep seaport and superhighway, he replied “Do those projects have business plans? Who are the project proponents? If the superhighway and deep seaport were actually needed those who need it the most ‘the private sector’, would be very much interested in funding it.”
He ended by saying Cross River state needed people with content not certificates and titles; people who would put the electorates in mind in every action they make while in office.