I never dreamt of becoming a governor – Bindo

Jibrilla Bindo 
Governor Jibrilla Bindo of Adamawa state has said he has never dreamt of becoming a governor of his state.

 Bindo made the statement  during the 35th anniversary of the Miango Old Students Association held at the Three Angels Apartment Rayfied in Jos at the weekend.
He said, “I was not born to be politician but I have learned politics in the course of my life career. People know my background I never dreamt to become the governor. It is God that gave the opportunity to serve.”
He further said that although the Almighty God has given him the opportunity to become the governor of his state, “But I want people to know that I didn’t became the governor by accident. I learnt politics from other politicians before now.”
The governor advised that people should serve selflessly whenever they were given the opportunity.
“When God gives you the opportunity to serve, you give a selfless service and that’s exactly what I am doing in Adamawa,” he said
The governor added that when he came into power, Adamawa was among the backward states in 2015.
“When I was elected as the governor in 2015 Adamawa was among the backward states in Nigeria. But now with the current development going on in the state, the state has achieved a lot in terms of infrastructures and other social amenities.” He said