Lagos UPP senatorial candidate vows to defeat APC, others, banks on Igbo supporters

United Progressives Party
The Lagos West senatorial candidate of the United Progressives Party, UPP, Nkem Chibogu Kenneth, has boasted that she would defeat the candidate of the All Progressives Party, APC, Adeola Olamilekan (Yayi) and other contenders during next year’s election.

Kenneth also said that if the election is not rigged, she is sure that, if not her party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, would win the Lagos State governorship seat, boasting that Agbaje would beat the APC candidate, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and that the battle would be between her party, UPP, and PDP.
In an exclusive interview with Dailypost, the UPP senatorial candidate maintained that she was equally sure of her own victory if the election is free and fair.

“If APC don’t rig the election, I personally as a person not regarding the party, I will beat both APC, PDP hands down.

“Yes, I will beat Yayi pulp if they don’t rig.
“I’m not starting campaign with them. I will start later after a week or two with full force, don’t worry you will hear I’m not making mouth but I will shake Lagos west when I commence.

“It’s not all about how far but how well.

“Yayi has not done anything I’m sorry to say. He used our people and dumped them after they voted him and he assumed office.
“This time around no way for him with them. I will take it from Yayi. I’m not speaking with two sides of my mouth as an Igbo, just like it happened in Amuwo, Ajeromi and Ojo.

“I have nothing to say all I want is a free fair election come 2019.

“Where ever they win fine and where ever they don’t they should stay clear and give way.
“2019 will be tough. All hands will be on deck.

“Meanwhile in Lagos state, I don’t see Sanwo-Olu defeating our candidate or Jimi. For governorship NMA, PSN, PCN are for Jimi, for Senate they are for me.”
Asked what strategies she was putting in place to unseat the APC candidate at the upper chamber in 2019, Kenneth said her campaign would be targeted at her kinsmen (the Igbo people) and her Catholic Church members in the Lagos west senatorial district, adding that she would not canvass any APC fan to vote for her.

“In Oshodi-Isolo, my area is Ladipo market where I have the Igbo. I don’t want to do anything with APC fans to avoid issues.
“That is why I am campaigning where I have my own people as I told you earlier. I will never ever campaign to any APC fan or folks they are not for me and never been my target.

“I gave my words to the Almighty to intervene when I won primaries to show me my own legible people, fans, folks so I don’t go wandering about because that will be failure.

“God so kind he did and I have gone back to thank him, Waiting for the real and deal day.
“For other areas still on track… for the Arewas in Lagos west are 1.5million Lagos west alone and have voter cards, their president and secretary are my colleagues, we work together till date.”

Asked whether the population of her church members alone would be enough for her to win the election, Kenneth said she pegged her votes at 3 million voters with her target electorate.
“Yes because they are 99 per cent Igbos and are in Tradefair, Alaba, Ladipo, etc. Tradefare alone I sit as their doctor in their clinic. They have just one hospital in tradefair and I am in charge. All their presidents and chairmen of the markets and associations are waiting for Feb 2019, likewise Alaba.”