#OjuelegbaSharwama: How Twitter Influencer Eguavoen Matthew aka “Badt BOI” rose Dolapo the Shawarma boy to the world (details here)

Helping people is important because it's good to do good deeds for others. It's good to help because it makes you feel good about yourself. Because it will make you seem like a better person and have others have a better outlook on you.Because if you help someone in need they feel the need to help another.
Here is a short story of how a boy named Dolapo who sells  well-prepared Sharwama at Ojuelegba, Lagos for N500 got global fame within a couple of hours because of a tweet Eguavoen Matthew popularly known as @badt_BOI_ (Potrait Artist) made on twitter.
He tweeted @badt_BOI_ "This guy legit sells one of the best Sharwama I have tasted. Sells for N500 only, has a stand close to Ojuelegba under bridge, I don't leave Ojuelegba without buying one"

Dolapo Shawarma's life changed since then as he now sold before the actual time he should, because of high influx of customers at his Sharwama stand, he even tweeted that he now has a wedding event he is to anchor with his Shawarma today (Saturday).
Someone tweeted "We love you for putting your best into that business. The best part for me was learning you were running the business for someone & you gave your all into it. God will lift you up beyond your imagination. A man's gift makes way for him. Never relent in putting in your best"
In an appreciation tweet Dolapo Shawarma tweeted"Good evening, I want to say thank you to everyone that has showed me love over the past few days, most importantly I want to thank @badt_BOI_ for exposing my Sharwama business to the world. I am grateful 🙏��"

Dolapo the Sharwama boy couldn't even have chance to say thank you to Twitter people, because of high influx of customers, bbut he managed to even while on the job.
Many have dropped comments saying they would help push Dolapo to greater heights by supporting him to startup his fully-fledged Sharwama business.