Rivers 2019: Tonye Cole reveals how Amaechi convinced him to run under APC

Tonye Cole 
Business mogul and 2019 Rivers State governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Tonye Cole, has revealed the conversation he had with a former Governor of the state, Rotimi Amaechi, which convinced him to run.

Speaking with the Media, he said: “He (Amaechi) spoke to me a lot about it.
“He said to me there was need for a different type of politics in Rivers. That he and the people of Rivers were yearning for peace, yearning for wealth creation and distribution.

“They were yearning for a leader that can impact people at the grassroots and make them feel that the money that comes to the state, which is a lot, can actually impact their lives on daily basis. Rivers State is yearning at this moment for someone who they know is not going to steal their money. And that is why I took it.”
Cole also spoke on the controversy that trailed his alleged imposition by Amaechi as governorship candidate.

“As far as I am concerned, there is no controversy. Nobody can impose anybody.
“What you have is that you had a primary election. You had people that went for that primary. You had people who won and those who lost. And everybody, at the end of the day, had legitimate right to agree or to object.

“As humans, you cannot impose anybody. The human spirit rejects imposition. Any position taken, you have those for it and those against. And that is what I think we are seeing. And that’s life, you can’t please everybody,” he added.