Ayade finally returns biggest flag in Africa to its position for the 1st time

biggest flag in Africa at Calabar 
After a series of activism from Cross Riverians, Governor Ben Ayade has finally returned the biggest flag in Africa to it position for the first time in 3 years.

The flag which has an extension of 3×6 meters Owojela’s Blog gathered is the biggest flag hoisted in 2018 in the whole world.
The flag, painted Green-White-Green (Nigeria Flag) that used to serve as a tourist attraction point at Millennium Park (11-11) was removed during Ayade’s first year in office and it’s been replaced barely few months to his last year in office and election.
The project, our Correspondent learnt was facilitated by the Senior Special Assistant, SSA to the Governor on Entrepreneurship and Job Placement, Mr. Joseph Edet.

Recalled that the National flag as it’s popularly called was hoisted by the then government of former governor Donald Duke.
The flag is an emblem of the Nigeria nation. It is one that is sighted from far distances in the city of Calabar and over the years it has attracted many tourist to Cross River State just for the purpose of seeing the flag.
One of the importances of a national flag is that, it is the pride of the state or nation, and must not be allowed to be in shreds or on the ground. But it’s unfortunate that in recent times, the flag has been in tattered and in shreds and completely removed.

According to a social commentator, Prince Thomas Abi, “The flag of Nigeria speaks volume. It is an agent that brings peace and unity and reminds us that we are one big nation.
“The Nigeria national flag must be flown higher than other flags.

“The people of Nigeria must learn to pay loyalty to our national flag and never allow it to be faded, or roll on the ground.”
Thank God that the Nation’s Paradise is returning to it default state – the most beautiful and tourist attracted city in Nigeria.