Could Jennifer Lopez Actually Take Alex Rodriguez's Last Name?

Jennifer Lopez

He also left fans ~shook~ when he included "#futuremrsrodriguez" in his caption. Um, what?! J.Lo can't change her name because she's, ya know, in, not J.Ro.

But could 2019 really do this to me?!? Let's take a look at all the options before I start hyperventilating.

Option 1: Jennifer Lopez in public, Jennifer Rodriguez at home

While J.Lo posted the same Instagram notably without the #futuremrsrodriguez hashtag, if history is any indication, Jennifer could be into taking her fiance's last name-legally, at least. When J.Lo was married to Marc Anthony (whose real name is real name is Marco Muniz) she changed her legal name to Jennifer Muniz. After the couple divorced, she changed it back to Lopez in 2014, according to TMZ .

So history could repeat itself with Mr. Rodriguez, or doing all that paperwork twice might've convinced J.Lo not to go through with it again. (I mean, she definitely has people to take care of legal paperwork for her, but still!)

Considering Jennifer Lopez has had both her full name and nickname attached to just about 20,000 different movies, songs, tours, and TV shows (including the one she's currently on- World of Dance ), it doesn't seem like she'd give up the decades she spent literally making a name for herself overnight. Sure, love makes you do crazy things, but there's definitely a limit.

Option 2: Jennifer Rodriguez

There's another, lesser-known reason why Jennifer Lopez might want to become a Rodriguez: She already is one. Yep, her mom's maiden name is Rodriguez (I know, right?!), so the name most likely had a special place in J.Lo's heart long before she met A-Rod. Plus, besides having her last name match her husband's, she could use the full name change as an opportunity to honor her mom and other family members. Even though saying goodbye to "J.Lo" entirely would be hard for fans, you gotta admit it would be a sweet tribute to her fam.

Option 3: Jennifer Lopez-Rodriguez
Okay, so while a hyphenated last name would definitely be a mouthful, it would be super cute to see Jennifer and Alex going the uber-modern route and take each other's last names. I mean, if he low-key expects her to take his name, it's the literal definition of fair for her to expect the same of him (and just, like, the rules of feminism).

Sure, the chances of this realistically happening are super slim, but at least this way, they could both keep their professional names for public purposes and then just add on the other one for legal purposes. And besides, isn't marriage all about compromise?

Option 4: Jennifer Lopez

Again, it's 2019, and more women than ever before (about 20 percent according to a 2015 Google Consumer Survey ) are choosing to keep their maiden names. One famous example? Chrissy Teigen-and look how well that turned out for her! Obviously, Chrissy is far from the only celeb to keep her last name when they get married-in fact, most do. So not only is keeping Lopez the easiest option for Jenny, but it also just makes a ton of (read: the most) sense.

Option 5: Jennifer ???

Okay, this is probably far-fetched, but it's not impossible that Jennifer and Alex could come up with a totally new last name together. Hey, when it comes to celebrity names, crazier things have happened!

Granted, it doesn't seem likely from A-Rod's Instagram, but they only got engaged a few days ago. So much can change between now and the wedding (as the last few days have already proved), so maybe he could persuaded with "Lopriguez," "Ropez," or even "Lodriguez"? Eh, maybe not...