FAKE NUTRITION PRODUCTS: Here is how to identify them in Nigeria

How to identify fake nutrition products in Nigeria


Nutrition is a hot topic with nutrition quackery everywhere, did you purchase a nutrition product that is recommended for stress or being promoted as “natural”, claiming it will help “revitalize” and “purify” your body, and does the product claim to treat diseases like arthritis or cancer. If so you’ve been scammed by fake manufacturers.

Fake nutrition products are rapidly invading the health industry in Nigeria as people’s interest on healthy living and immediate cure for diverse disease has heightened, which in turn creates a high demand for health-related products and services.
Now, how do Nigerians identify these fake products, here are a few things you should look out for:
One product does it all: there is no possibility that one product will treat several disease conditions, so if the product promises to cure arthritis, hypertension, and heart disease and also reverse diabetes mellitus, then this is a red flag.
Testimonials or case histories of persons cured: Because it worked for “A” doesn’t guarantee same for “B”, these products state non-science based testimonials to support their products. You should not be carried away by the hearsays; they are the weakest form of evidence.
Natural: “Natural” does not necessarily mean it is better or safe. If the product is as effective as claimed then there is every possibility that it will cause side effects.
Immediate and effortless remedy:  Don’t be cut up in the web of quick and easy fixes, of which these products promise to offer. Note that proven treatments take time to be effective.
Guaranteed satisfaction: the promise of “Money-back” guaranteed, marketers of these products may promise to return your money just to compel you to purchase.
Regulatory claims: these products may have falsified NAFDAC numbers and other regulatory stamps.
Secret:  these products most times are tagged as “secret remedy” or a recent discovery that cannot be found anywhere else.
Limited: most times the producers claim that the product is available in limited quantities and recommend that you get it immediately.
These and many more are ways to identify these fake products.
In summary, the best way to be protected against these fake/questionable health products is to be an INFORMED consumer. Look out for the above.
DON’T BE SCAMMED! Stay healthy and stay safe.