Fire outbreak destroys homes, shops in Port Harcourt

Fire outbreak

A fire outbreak that occurred along Club Road at Lagos bus stop in the old Port-Harcourt township has destroyed property worth millions of naira in the area.

The fire outbreak according to eyewitnesses was caused by illegally refined Kerosene fondly called Kpo-fire stored in the building.

The fire razed a building and all the shops in the same building with nothing left to carry.

An eyewitness told the Media that the inferno would have extended to other buildings but for the intervention of the Fire Service from the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA in Port Harcourt.

A victim of the fire incident said, “When the fire started, we started calling the Rivers state Fire Service but they did not respond. We decided to help ourselves but the fire was increasing until one neighbour that works in NPA had to call their fire service.

“In few minutes they came and quenched the fire. If they had not come, the damage would have been worse than this.

“As I speak to you, we have lost goods and property worth millions of naira.”

Kpo fire is the substandard brand of petroleum products made by local crude oil refiners in the Niger-Delta.

Many homes in Rivers state and the Niger-Delta at large depend on the Kerosene made from Kpo fire because it is cheap and according to many, burns slower than Kerosene sold at authorized filling stations.