Timaya says he can only shave his beard if he is paid $100m

Timaya says he can only shave his beard

A dancehall singer named Timaya, has put a big price on his beard which he can only shave for $100 million, equivalent to 36 billion Nigerian Naira.

He said this while chatting with Punch News in a report published on Saturday, March 23, 2019. Some years before the interview, he had cleared off his dreadlocks because he felt it was time.

Clearing off his beard will also require an inspiration and it could be money. Keeping it for this long has been deliberate -- it is all part of reinventing himself.

"Maybe $100m would make me shave off my beard. Other than that, I won’t shave it off until I feel like it’s time. I have been keeping the beard for about five years.

"When I cut the dreadlocks some years back, I felt it was necessary at the time. It represented where my mind was at, at that time. It’s also rather important to keep reinventing (yourself), to stay relevant."

Old wine in new bottle

Staying fresh is a mentality for Timaya who dropped an EP, "Chulo Vibes" in early February.

He is glad about the reactions that it has received. It is a reward for his effort in trying out new things. Making his fans happy is part of the motivation behind his evolving personality, encouraging in him a desire to learn about what is trending particularly in music.

“It has been amazing so far and I am very happy about the positive feedback I have been getting. Chulo Vibes is my first project in five years.

"I’m happy about the reception and the progress so far. I have remained relevant in this industry for over a decade because it is important to keep reinventing oneself.

“I feel like as an entertainer you should never make your fans get bored with your music, your performances, and so on. You must always give them a way to stay excited about your brand, your music, performances, everything.

"Also, music, just like everything, changes. I’m always listening to new sounds and learning about new shifts and ways to keep my music relevant."