Leah Sharibu: We can disclose measures taken to free Dapchi schoolgirl from Boko Haram – Presidency

 Leah Sharibu

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has said that a lot was being done to free Leah Sharibu, the abducted Dapchi schoolgirl, from her captors.

The Presidential aide, however, said that measure being embarked upon to free the teenager cannot be made public.

He also expressed optimism that Nigeria would overcome its problems just as Jesus overcome death.

Adeshina said this on Sunday at the Easter Concert of the Apostolic Faith West Africa entitled “Christ the King” held at the church’s National Headquarters in Lagos.

According to him, “the message of Easter is the message of victory over darkness, victory over death and the lesson we can learn is that whatever the problems that besiege this country.

“Whether killings, economic, political or social problems can be overcome; just as Jesus overcome death, we shall also overcome our troubles; Nigeria will resurrect just as Jesus resurrected.

“We will overcome all the problems facing the country; it’s a time for us to be encouraged, resonate and determined that God still rules in the affairs of men, and Nigeria.”

Speaking on efforts being made to secure the release of Leah Sharibu, the presidential spokesman urged Nigerians to keep faith, saying that the Federal Government was doing everything possible to secure her release.

“We believe that Leah will come back one day, a lot is being done, and you know you cannot begin to proclaim sensitive things like that on the pages of the newspaper,’’ he said.

He also said that the Next Level agenda for President Buhari’s administration “is a consolidation of things that has been done, what is being done that is still pending.

“Security, reviving the economy, creating jobs and fighting corruption; Next Level is a consolidation of all these things. We will focus more on infrastructure, economy small and medium scale enterprises.

“There is going to be what we call money bank and enterprise bank and there is going to be inclusive government,’’ he said.

Also speaking, the District Superintendent of Apostolic Faith, Rev. Adebayo Adeniran, urged Nigerians to love one another and eschew hate speeches and bitterness.

“God has created us so that we can return to fellowship with him in Heaven; we need to look at the significance of Easter in Nigeria.

“We are not to live a selfish live, we should be able to invest in our country all that we have is for a purpose Jesus made the provision for the cleansing of corruption, God is averse to corruption

“Whatever we do that is not borne out of love is dangerous to even to ourselves and to others; he wants to repair relationships, all ethnic hatred, hate speeches does not come from the heart of love.

“It comes from a heart that has been corrupted; I pray that the power of God’s blood will work in our country,

God will re-engineer our minds to have pure love so as to love one another.

“We should see through the lens of love, let love move round, Jesus died so that love could move round.

“If we refuse to accept the love of Jesus Christ we will exhibit lust and it will make us to be greedy, hateful and selfish,’’ he said.