Police Can Search Your Bag And Car Without Warrant- Assistant Commissioner Of Police reveals

Abayomi Shogunle

Assistant Commissioner of Police(ACP)  and head Crime Reduction Unit, Abayomi Shogunle, has taken to his Twitter handle to share some few tips with Nigerians on how to deal with police during an encounter.

The Popular police officer shared that it is important to be polite and calm during interactions with men of the Nigerian police. He added that it is important not to be resistive or abusive during the course of dealing with a police officer.

His tweet in full:

Abayomi Shogunle

 Your responsibilities during police encounters #YsGuide;
•Be polite & stay calm
•Do not resist or be abusive
•Do not push/hit an officer
•Do not interfere with or obstruct police
•You, bag & car can be searched without warrant.
If u don't like encounter, report @PoliceNG_CRU

6:02 PM - Apr 26, 2019
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